It's a vast market, and one where the landscape is changing at dizzying speed. Growth in traditional “big box” stores is static: all growth is in online, food discounters and convenience stores, with online having the biggest potential of all to disrupt the current retail marketplace.

Our opportunity

Total UK Grocery sales 2015-2016 
179 billion1

Online grocery represents approximately 6% of the UK grocery market
Online grocery sales are predicted to grow to 9% by 20211

of households in Great Britain had internet access2

of adults in Great Britain use mobile or smartphones to access the internet2

of adults in Great Britain bought goods or services online in 20162

The grocery market has evolved out of recognition over the last 60 years, from small, local retailers to sprawling, out-of-town hypermarkets. Each “channel shift” in the market has taken over 50% of customers to the new, dominant format – and it’s happening again now.

The relentless growth of online shopping is powered by improved technology, faster broadband and better mobile devices – and a significant increase in uptake of all three. Traditional supermarkets face a difficult dilemma: invest in online, and cannibalise themselves; or don’t invest, and risk losing customers and market share.

Ocado is different. As the UK’s only ‘pure play’ online grocery operator, and the world’s largest dedicated online grocery supermarket, our business was built for this channel shift – to benefit from, and to lead the online revolution.

1IGD data for the year to April 2015
2Office for National Statistics – August 2016