Our people

We value our people
We are a business that values our people. We listen to their opinions on customer service, operational efficiency and what it means to be an Ocado employee. We aim to understand our employees as well as we understand our customers and innovate and change together to match the pace of growth in our markets. 

We recruit talent
Our business is built by employees who innovate, who find solutions, and who deliver world class service. Our recruitment team has been effective in meeting the significant challenge of hiring the new employees needed for our continuous growth. We opened two spokes in 2016 and moved a third to new premises. Our delivery driver team is the largest in our business. We call them our Customer Service Team Members, and their job title describes how they are essential to the success of Ocado. With our third CFC in Andover now having commenced operations and our fourth CFC in Erith under construction, we plan to create even more opportunities for existing and new employees in 2017.

We value diversity and through our equal opportunities policy we are dedicated to creating an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Everyone at Ocado is treated equally regardless of age, colour, disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, political views or religious belief.

Engaging our people
This extends beyond keeping colleagues informed of the Company’s performance and issues that affect them day to day. These range from redesigning uniforms in conjunction with employee representatives, to relocating our head office to one with a higher quality work environment. 

We develop our people
Training and developing employees is a vital part of enabling them to forge their career with Ocado. We place strong emphasis on developing our talent across the business and have further embedded appraisals, 1:2:1s and 360 degree employee feedback as a development tool. Using talent matrix mapping and succession planning we also identify potential successors for every middle and senior management role.

Retaining, recognising and rewarding our people
As we invest a significant amount of time and resources in recruiting the right people and developing their skills, retaining our employees is vitally important to the business. This means designing benefits packages that are in tune with what different groups of employees want. This year information about Reward and Benefits was moved to an online portal – MiBenefits – a mobile friendly platform designed especially for every employee so they see only what is relevant and available to them.