We have built a complete end-to-end grocery e-commerce fulfilment solution.

Ocado Smart Platform

What is the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP)?

Ocado Smart Platform is our proprietary solution for operating online retail businesses. It combines our end-to-end software and technology systems with our physical fulfilment asset solution, both of which are proprietary and fully integrated.

Ocado Smart Platform will enable us to replicate our unique capabilities for partners in other markets with a significantly lower cost than the alternative options available for these retailers. We offer Ocado Smart Platform as a managed service capability to partners internationally, harnessing the capabilities of our platform with partners’ local retailing skills and attributes, to enable them to build sustainable, scalable and profitable online grocery businesses in their own markets.

Ocado Smart Platform will offer partners a faster, flexible, more cost efficient and lower-risk way of launching or improving online grocery businesses with limited capital investment. By offering the only fully integrated end-to-end platform available, we will be uniquely positioned to take advantage of the growing global trend for online food shopping in what is the world’s largest retail segment.

This is consistent with Ocado’s strategy of utilising our proprietary knowledge.

Illustration of the core service provided by OSP. The platform can support home delivery as well as other last mile delivery methods such as pick up or courier.

Illustration of the core service provided by OSP. The platform can also support other last mile delivery methods such as pick up or courier.

How does the Ocado Smart Platform work?

The Shop
Ocado Smart Platform includes the e-commerce website and mobile applications tailored to retailers’ requirements and including market leading features already available on Ocado.com. It also includes all of the back-end systems required to manage the content of the site and the algorithms to enable personalised customer recommendations and other features
Ocado’s new proprietary physical equipment solution will be installed in the retailer’s building, serviced and maintained by Ocado personnel. It is modular (can be built to any size), scalable (can be expanded in line with sales) and is highly productive even at low volumes. All software and systems to operate fulfilment activities are provided under Ocado Smart Platform.
Last mile solution
Ocado Smart Platform includes all the software required to complete last mile operations including home delivery or pick-up services, as used by Ocado in the UK, to plan optimal delivery routes, minimising costs to the retailer while maximising the delivery options for the customer. 

Advantages for retailers

OSP provides multiple advantages to retailers wishing to operate online including:

  • Based on proven systems and infrastructure which Ocado uses in its own business
  • Both modular (size flexible) and scalable (can start smaller and scale up on short lead times)
  • Significant operational cost benefits
  • Supports a large range
  • Entire seamless proprietary software provision updated alongside Ocado’s own development programme, providing “best in class” service for customers
  • Flexible agreement terms with low entry cost, ongoing fees linked to installed capacity and no minimum term.