With our natural advantage in this area, our mission is simply to become the UK’s most sustainable and environmentally friendly supermarket.


We partnered with The Carbon Trust to help us re-evaluate our strategic direction for carbon and waste. A revised, more targeted strategy is being prepared, taking into account our rapidly growing business and ever changing industry.


We have measured our greenhouse gas emissions for many years, but it was in the previous period, 2 December 2012 to 1 December 2013, that we formally reported a baseline against which we now track our reductions and efficiencies. The Group’s reported emissions have been prepared and calculated with reference to environmental reporting guidelines (2014), issued by Defra and using conversion factors published by DECC/ Defra May 2014.

Over the period 1st December 2013 - 30th November 2014, our emissions increased compared to the previous year. However, during 2013/14, the Group has significantly increased the volume of orders for both Ocado.com and Morrisons.com. We continue to make efficiency gains from the increasing orders at our CFCs and the opening of additional spokes which result in shorter van journeys, combined with continuous improvements in technology. 

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP has carried out a limited assurance engagement in accordance with International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3410 “Assurance engagements on greenhouse gas statements” (ISAE 3410), issued by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board. A copy of the limited assurance report is available here. Our largest carbon contributions still come from the fuel used in the vehicles used to transport orders and the electricity consumption used at our CFC’s and spokes. The reporting period covered by the emissions data is the same as the financial year, being the 52 weeks ended 30 November 2014. 

Our carbon emissions (2013/14)
Scope 1 – Direct 50,198
Scope 2 – Indirect 26,493
Total gross emissions (CO2e tonnes) 76,691

Our third generation delivery van continues to operate on the premise of maximising the potential payload whilst having the lowest environmental impact possible. 

We reduce the environmental impact of the vans by (1) increasing fuel efficiency, (2) improving routing and reducing distance travelled, and (3) increasing deliveries per van route. Our leading edge, in-house routing system enables us to minimise road mileage and take full advantage of the payload available by making over 3 million routing calculations per second, finding the most efficient delivery routes. Working with our body constructor Paneltex for many years, we have increased the payload of our 3.5 tonnes sprinter van fleet by 41%. We also operate FleetBoard in all our trunking fleet, a driver management tool optimising fuel efficiency. We are exploring equivalent options in the van fleet. 


Ocado collects both our own and other retailers’ carrier bags from our customers. On average, customers return more than 65% of all carrier bags and we then recycle them back into carrier bags to be used again. This all takes place within the UK, rather than being sent overseas — minimising carbon emissions from transportation. 
Recycling and reuse of carrier bags is well understood by customers, who work with us and other retailers to help reduce the environmental impact of carrier bag use. We believe we remain the only retailer to take both our own, and other retailers’ carrier bags, and recycle them back into carrier bags.


We offer further carbon reductions through the “green van” slots on our time slot booking page. The idea is simple – if we are delivering in an area at a particular time, we can advise at the time of booking, enabling customers to choose an adjacent time slot – thereby minimising drive time and fuel use for deliveries.


Our waste volumes remain at low levels (compared to the industry) and where possible we find ways to re-use any food. 
Food close to its “use by date” goes to our food bank partners, some to Company Shop Limited, and in turn on to Community Shop, and finally to a number of animal parks we also support. 

If you have any questions, please email us at theocadoway@ocado.com