Fetch case study

What’s the news?

On 1 June 2013 we launched Fetch, our new specialist store for pet products. This represents the next stage of development of our non-food strategy of launching separate destination sites for key categories, with delivery available alongside the weekly Ocado grocery order. The national roll out of Fetch has been slightly delayed against our initial plan, due to a switch in IT resources onto the Morrisons project. We are steadily increasing the reach of this service which we plan to make available to all our customers by Spring 2014.

Why pets and what’s special about Fetch?

  • Recent Ocado customer survey data showed that over half our customers own a pet, but only 20% bought pet products from Ocado, the main obstacles being the lack of range, brands and awareness.
  • Fetch is our first destination site to be launched, and is a specialist online pet store supported by a veterinary team, offering customers a wide variety of brands across key categories such as pet food, animal health care and accessories. These include specialty pet food and drug, that are available from a vet or specialist pet shop but not a supermarket, including the brand leaders such as Hill’s, James Wellbeloved, Frontline and Drontal.
  • Fetch works closely with healthcare suppliers to improve compliance on preventative medicines, and keeps up to date with trends in the pet accessories category.

Key attractions

  • Fetch allows customers to be the “Perfect Pet Parents”, offering them the opportunity to buy small niche brands only sold in a few specialist stores alongside the brand leaders;
  • Compelling delivery options utilising the reliable Ocado delivery slots, with some same day deliveries in selected geography, and plans to reach the entire UK by courier service (if not covered by Ocado);
  • More than 6,000 products currently available and growing;
  • The site can be personalised to create unique pet profiles, filtering down the thousands of products on site to have a unique shop for each pet;
  • All lines are dispatched from stock (i.e. we hold them physically) allowing rapid and reliable service;
  • While Fetch is a separate shop, it shares login details and card payment details with Ocado.com.

Initial customer reaction

“First order ...excellent website ...straightforward and easy to use ...excellent delivery service too ...plus I used your discount voucher ...pleasure doing business with you Fetch!! And thanks to Ocado for your brochure!!”

“Yes thanks, my daughter is very excited that she may get to feed the hedgehogs, let’s hope they’ve not hibernated. Great choice of range”

“Yes!! Very excited to be able to have the dog food delivered & at such good prices. Good website & good selection of food, toys & treats. I will definitely recommend my friends to use this....

See Fetch.co.uk

"[Fetch] represents the next stage of development of our non-food strategy of launching separate destination sites for key categories."