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Environmental awareness

Being green is part of Ocado’s business model. This has been recognised in various awards. Ocado was voted Green Retailer of the Year 2009 in The Grocer Gold Awards, Large Retailer of the Year 2008 in the Online Green Awards and won Ethical/Green Practice 2009 at the IMRG E-Commerce Awards for Excellence.

A traditional supermarket requires deliveries first to be made to a regional distribution centre and then to the supermarket itself. Customers then often drive to the supermarket in order to shop, and the supermarkets themselves require energy to be lit and heated and tend to have open fridges and freezers in an otherwise ambient environment. Ocado delivers straight from the CFC to a customer’s kitchen, which eliminates much of the carbon emissions generated by traditional supermarkets and their stores, and also reduces the number of cars on the road. Each Ocado delivery van replaces a significant number of car journeys every day.

Other measures taken by Ocado to lower its carbon footprint and reduce its environmental impact include:

  • closed-loop grocery bag recycling, whereby when making a delivery, drivers offer to collect used bags from customers which are recycled within the UK to make new Ocado grocery bags;
  • wasting significantly less food as a percentage of gross sales than any of its competitors; and
  • signing up to the Climate Change Agreement (with the Carbon Trust), which places certain obligations on management to monitor and lower carbon usage.

Ocado has co-developed two prototype electric powered vans, which are currently completing testing before being introduced into Ocado’s delivery fleet.

For more details on Ocado’s green initiatives please visit The Ocado Way.

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